Finally got My First Majikoi Merchandise!

I am just so happy finally i have my first ‘kind of’ majikoi merchandise. Drinking with this mug while seeing a happy face of Takae is just totally awesome. lol.

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I Miss Majikoi (18++)

majikoi s 1

As you know, Majikoi A-5 its the last installment of majikoi or we can say the last majikoi series. To be honest, it still doesnt feel real to me to know that majikoi has already ended. I looks fine but in the end, there is some deep sadness that wringling around in my heart.

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Gamer goes to play naval-themed anime game at Japanese arcade, finds real sailors already there

I always thought game like Kancolle is helping the young generation to know the history of their naval ships. Why cant we do the same?


KC 1Looks like KanColle is a big hit in one of Japan’s oldest navy towns.

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Review and Impression Majikoi A-5 | Margit Route


Here we go! the last route in Majikoi A-5, Margit Eberbach. You know, sometimes i just feel this girl is always been misunderstood by many people. So many people thought she was scary  and unlikeable. Well… its understandable if you just look at her appearance but god damn, in this route she is just become adorable and badass at the same time!

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Review and Impression on Majikoi A-5 | Takae Route


Takae smiling!!!

Well, here we go again! So, as you know i just finished Yoshitsune route just a while ago and at that time i was kinda hesitant about which route that i should play next. So, i was just randomly pick Takae instead of Margit since i am not a really fan of Takae. But god damn man, i was wrong. Takae is seriously the best. I might be say her route is one of the best in majikoi A series.

In this route, the story is pretty much about Takae (obviously you baka) who always experienced bad luck and how she will exceed it. To be honest, its pretty pitiful to see Takae in the first since she always get bad luck at anytime, anywhere and rarely experience a good thing. Good things, our saviour Yamato is helping her so she can enjoyed her life without any bad lucks. Hopefully.

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