Review “To Love Ru Darkness” – When The Sequel Got Much Better

Cover To Love Ru darkness

Cover To Love Ru darkness

*Before read this review or watch this anime, please watch the previous season of to love ru darkness*

To love ru darkness, brings up the new hope about how a harem anime which usually have negative comments can make all that comments gone. A common knowledge to all the anime lover that harem anime is usually is lack in the plot and story, since what makes harem anime interesting is fanservice and all beautiful or moe girl. If you have ever seen The World God Only Knows then maybe you have seen a good example how a harem anime can turn into from fun harem into a serious harem anime (in story aspects).

Yami smile

Yami smile

Back to the To Love Ru darkness , if you have ever seen the previous season of To love ru darkness (To love ru and Motto to love ru), maybe you will realize the “gap” between this anime between the previous season. Not just from the score (which TLR darkness have bigger score than the two previous) but also from story aspects. if those previous seasons are TOTALLY random and doesnt have strong plot or story then this anime was 180 degree between those two. honestly, i really feel relieved since To love ru is getting better in each season, from the season 1 which is really abstract and season 2 which like a gag anime and to the season 3 (TLR darkness) which i felt like my effort for watching this series is paid off.

Momo is angry! watch out!

To love ru darkness or we can called TLR darkness, is focussing on Momo (Lala’s sister) and Mae (Yami’s sister) story. As for Mae, she is the new character that just appears in this season. Anyway, this anime has two main story, for the first one is Momo obssession to make a harem plan for Rito, since she thinks with the harem plan Rito can make all the girl happy, and for the second was about Mae and Yami (i am not gonna spoil it). So, what makes this season differences between those two previous season? First it was the story itself, So this series FINALLY have a story? YES IT IS! we have a main goal and know what this story about, and it obviously different with other season, like Motto To love ru, until i had finished Motto, i still dont know what the story about and it really like Shinyraku Ika Musume which have 3 different stories in each episode (I love Ika musume), but honestly it didnt fits well for a series like To love ru.

Rich colour

Rich colour

Back again to TLR darkness, after the story lets talk about the art. This maybe the whole reason why people love to watch TLR darkness. I am not gonna exaggerate it but it was superbly amazing! my first impression was extremely colourful and, so bright. The lines for the character design is really have a high quality art, like from the each character’s hair or body. If you comparing between the art quality between the season 1 or season 2 and this season, you wil realizel see how big the gap between those season. Not just from the art for the character itself, the background was suprisingly really well-made. It was colourful, beautiful, and gorgeous. My eyes were never tired to watching the quality of this anime, my suggestion is you must watch this anime in the highest quality to improve the enjoyness.

Then, lets moving into the sound section, first lets talk about the opening songs. “RAKUEN PROJECT” by Ray. Honestly i dont really care about the opening songs in every anime but then i thought i might give it a try. From the first i listen it, and its directly raping up my ears. I totally love it, what makes more awesome is the video clip in those opening, it was heartwarming (especially in the end of the songs when Mae and Momo hugs Rito) not just the video clip, the lyric is really describing on what TLR is about. for me it was really fits with the anime and yet its a lovely song to hear. And for the ED, i didnt really paying attention to it, since it doesnt so special.

For the seiyuu,i dont find any negative things in here. Oh! For the new character, Mea which is being sounded by Yuka Iguchi (the seiyuu for Tsukihi from bakemonogatari and Maria from boku wa tomodachi) is really good, its really suitable with the Mea’s traits which is taciturn and sometimes being naughty. as for the other main character in this series like Momo, Aki Toyosaki really did a good job for being a seiyuu for Momo. It was cute and easily grasp every viewer who’re listening her voice.

Lovely moments

And, finally, the character section. The character in this series is probably what makes this anime so special. Since in this series we will have a good developments between each character and more, We have nearly 8 or more CUTE girls that appears in this series not to mention how lucky that Rito being loved by many cute girls. because of so many girls that appears in this anime, i will just describing the main character in this series.

For the first, we have Mea Kurosaki. The new character that appears in this season series. Mea is like Yami, she is an assasin who is being sent by “master” to look for Yami, like i said before Mea is Yami’s sister, so they same kind of ability that can transform their body into a weapon.On the first impression, you will see her as a taciturn girl and emotionless, but as far as the story goes, she had developments in her characters and of course the “love” development between Rito and her. its harem anyway.

The Second one is Yami, as we know from the previous season, she appears to be a dandere girl , which is cool and taciturn. She is also a loner and more She states she hates “ecchi” people, and does not hesitate to assault a person who looks at her in an obscene way, and usually Rito is the victim of this. lol. For this series, we will see the development between Yami and her friends.

The third one is Momo Devilluke Belia, she is Lala’s sister and Nana’s twin, she appears to be a naughty girl which is usually tease Rito in her way, despite of her action, she really loves Rito even she makes a harem plan just for Rito and even she is always protect Rito from any dangers .The last one is Rito, our main character in this series. I dont have many words for him, one sentence for me, He is a lucky guy who is being liked by many cute girls!.

I do really love with this series especially this season, because they had improve their quality like from the story and the art. But of course, there is nothing that perfect, so does this anime. Still there was unnecessary fanservice that really distrubing my eyes, Like how Rito is always trapped in such ecchi scenes (like he is usually grabbing boobs absently or how he trapped in Yami’s panties without any logical reasons), but despite of that unnecessary scenes, i know that scenes were made to refresh our eyes. And of course its acceptable since this anime genre is Ecchi, honestly, although i found that unnecessary, as a man i must said it was kinda fun.

At the last, I must say i quite enjoyed this anime. I really surprise on how this anime can improve are, from such a fail anime turned into an amazing anime. of course, thanks to Momo and Mea as the new character that makes this anime more lively and fun.

The summary for this review :
+ Finally has a strong plot
+ This season have some improvement than the previous one
+ Amazing OP
+ A good developments between each characters

– Unnecessary fanservice scenes

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