Review “Kowarekake no Orgel” – A Little Story that Would Touches Everyone’s Heart



Score : 9/10

“Beautiful, This is too beautiful!” – Me, after watching this one

The story about a human and an android that helping human is pretty much common in these days. We can say “Sora no Otonoshimo, chobits, Eve no jikan, and many others”. They present the same things, its about an android (a robot that looks like a human) that helping their master. But neither those anime really hook me off, until i met Kowarekake no Orgel.

STORY (9/10)

There isnt any strong linear plot on this anime. but basically, Kowarekake no Orgel is focussing on how Keiichiro Kawada spending time with Flower (his android) on the summer days. So what’s the fun?

The synopsis may sounds boring, but dont be arrogant. Honestly this anime is great at presenting the story especially the drama within in the story. While many 1 episode anime is rushing the story, but not in Kowareka no Orgel. The story is quite slow and very alluring,furthermore the way how the present every scenes its pretty enchanting and . The way how they bring the audience feelings (in this case, me) is pretty smooth. There isnt any exaggerate moments, Kowarekake made it naturally like the water flow in the river even in the ending, i dont realize if my tears had fallen.

ART (8/10)

The art in this anime is pretty nice. The background is so bright and pretty details too. Furthermore, its really suitable with the animation itself. The background itself improving the atmosphere that happen in the series, like colorful and bright background makes us (the viewers) realize that this is on happy and cheerful moments and we cant help to feel the happy too. But beside of all that, the quality in this art is pretty common quality for the other anime and none of it was too prominent.
The character design is pretty much adorable too. Especially flower, she is pretty cute and really likeable character.

SOUND (8/10)

As for the “music” genre, i didnt really notice any songs in this anime. But beside of that, the BGM in this anime is really touchy and improving the emotion feels. With some piano sound, its really hyped up the mood. Especially in the ending, the BGM that using music boxes is pretty calming and touching. At that time, i cant help to shed my tears. and for The voice actor, they did a good job, every seiyuu in this anime really liven up the characters.


The characters in this anime is really likeable. Like i said before, Flower is maybe can turn you into a lolicon. The cheerful and clumsy personality that she has really makes the show became more attractive and beside Flower, we have Keiichiro as the main character. Keiichiro is more taciturn and quiet, but thats what makes this pairing become more interesting since they’re filling each of their shortage. and within 28 minutes of the show, we will see a great development character especially on Keiichiro.

OVERALL (9/10)

Kowarekake no Orgel is an amazing one episode anime. With just 28 minutes, we like having a complex package of emotional things. You will feel happy at the moment but after a while you will feel sad or maybe ended up crying. What i really love is the way how this anime ended up, The ending is really satisfying and the most important thing is logic. So, basically if you want to have a heartwarming stories with some deeply emotion on it, This anime is the one i can recommend to you.


*I really appreciate any feedbacks, comments, or even critize*

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