Review “Moyashimon” : Learning microbes cant be this fun!

The microbes in Moyashimon

The microbes in Moyashimon

Genre : Slice of life, Comedy

Score : 9/10

If we’re talking about anime industry right now, we probably know what the characteristic of anime industry, one of them is making normal things into cute (girl) things. Moyashimon is one of the anime that use the characteristic, they change the appearance of microscopic organism like bacteria, into a cute chibi creature. There is nothing wrong with that moreover it makes us to see the microscopic organism in the different way and Moyashimon showing what microscopic organism are and how useful they are in our everyday life. In this anime, you’re not just watching for entertainment but also learning about microscopic organism in the fun way.

From left to right : Prof Itsuki, Haruka, Sawaki, and Kei

 Moyashimon story began when Sawaki and his childhood friend Yuuki Kei goes into agricultural university, he is not just an ordinary student, he is somehow can see the microscopic organism with his own eyes. With his unique skill, he joined with the eccentric Professor Itsuki Keizo to research more about microscopic organism such as germ, bacteria and other creatures.

Dat face~

The story in this anime is really light-hearted and simple to follow, there is no overdramatizing or complicated matters that would make us scratch our head. The problem that occurs in this anime is usually what we’re always find in our real life (aside from Sawaki special skill) like how to deal with our friends, having fun in campus, etc. The comedy in this anime is good since its so subtle, they didn’t exaggerate and push the viewers to laugh. The comedy in this anime is enough to make us chuckles or at least smile when watching it. Anyway, they represent this story in slow pace and the way how this anime connects each scene to another scenes is really intriguing encourage us to watch more and more.

Microbes in Moyashimon

Another aspects that we should consider aside the entertainment side is the education part. Like I said before, this anime also make us learning about microscopic organism. In every episodes, after the ending song they make a short animation where all the chibi organism like bacteria interacts with each other and telling us what contribution that they make in our life. This is quite fun to watch since the chibi is really adorable and the voice is also cute and pleasant to hear. I bet the education system would be more better if they use this style.

The art in this anime is quite top notch for anime that airing in 2007. Great detailed background, good settings, nice coloring, lovely character design and the CG are mixing well with the background though they just using the CG for the microbes. The transition between each scenes is also very smooth. They really put the efforts for this section and you can really see it.

If there is a reason why this anime great aside from the learning side, it’s the characters. The character designs are very well made, they all were gorgeous especially the girls though its basically based on the original manga. However, the winner of this character designs is of course the microbe. They successfully makes something “disgusting” like bacteria turning into an adorable chibi creature. Its cheesy grins is really suitable with the microbe since the microbe in this anime portrayed as happy and energetic creature. Moreover, the microbe is usually shown in CG which makes third times more cuter. You just cant be helped to love this one.

Sawaki, our protagonist is pretty much shown as slugger and always accepting what happens with him in this case being dragged by the people and events surround him. As the only people who can see the microbe with his naked eyes, he seems really doesn’t mind and act like it was nothing due the past that many people disbelief with his unique skill. The other main characters, Yuuki Rei is shown to be as a nice guy and as to be told have feminime side. As the son’s sake brewery owner, he is quite harsh if its about sake. Though as the show progresses Kei began to fade out as main character due some “inner” problem that occurs to him.

The other characters that really noticeable is of course Professor Itsuki, He is shown as the old guy who have infatuation with the microbes. Aside from his unique personality , he is also an insightful mentor and professor who doesn’t mind to help his student if they need a help. Last, Haruka. Haruka is Professor Itsuki’s assistant. She tends to use sexy outfit which pretty much looks like sadistic woman, the outfit itself really represent Haruka personality which shown as hot-headed and violent girls however later in the series, she is also a tsundere.

Misato and Kawahama

For myself, another characters that make this anime funny is  Kawahama and Misato. They are what makes this anime is so colorful. The way they act reminds me how i was in college, having fun with friends, do silly things, goofing around and etc. Even if they’re looking so plain and like an idiot, They’re a reliable person and dont hesitate to help their friends. They would do anything to help friends who need their help like how your best friend is (if u have any, lol.).

Last, the sound. From the music, they have Sarasa Ifu for their opening with her song “Curriculum”. This song is quite catchy pop songs, her lovely cute voice and song is really suitable with the anime since the song is quirky and sounds fun which represent the anime itself. Aside from the music, there isn’t any problem with the voice actors. They really done well with their own respective roles especially Tomomochi Nishimura (Professor Itsuki), his voice is really suitable with Professor Itsuki, he really brings out the Itsuki personality.

Moyashimon is surely one of the anime that I really recommend if you want to watch a light-hearted comedy anime. Great story, amazing characters, lovely music what else can you expect from this series? Somehow I just don’t get it why this anime is so underrated, at least this anime need some more recognition

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