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Finally! The last installment of Majikoi A series is here! As you know, Majikoi A-5 will be the last Majikoi A installment and hopefully its not the last for majikoi series. In this series, you will play 3 exciting heroine’s route which is Margit (after story),  Yoshitsune and Takae. For the first, i am sorry if my english is bad since its not my native language, So without further ado, here’s my reviews!

Yoshitsune Route


Yoshitsune playing her flute

*Spoiler Alert*

Yoshitsune route starts after the event of welcoming party to Yoshitsune and other clones (you can take a look at the common route in Majikoi S), the successfully of this welcoming party makes Yamato become more known and even suggested to take a test for class S by Kawakami Tesshin.  As the story goes, Yamato are now in Class S and quickly blended with the class. One day, Kawakami is being disturbed by the appearing of “Masked Man” who beating some of Yoshitsune challenger and its revealed that the Masked Man is Minamoto Yoshinaka or Aki-chan who suprisingly that she is also the clones and moreover, its revealed the identity of Mr M which pretty much mentioned in the series before!


Aki and Yoshitsune

The story in Yoshitsune route is basically focussing on the interaction between Yoshitsune and Aki. Even though they are rivals, they both respect each other and didnt mean any harms. Its proven when Aki is declaring to Yoshitsune to duel with her so they can know each other more better. The duel in this means is not about slicing or killing each other but really a quite simple duel like playing flute, etc.


Mr. M or Mogami Yuusha

Though as the story goes, the story becomes more intense as the Mr. M or Mogami Yuushai is revealed with his ‘plan’. However, with his appearance that looks like a bad guy and giving you such a bad-boy aura, he is pretty nice  and to be honest, i cant even believe that he is the main antagonist in this series.



In this route, you’re not gonna only see about the story about those two but also the childhood of the clone like  Benkei, Shiso, Yoichi and Yoshitsune. For me, its quite surprising to know the history of those ‘siblings’ and i never realize that they have ‘real’ parents since you know, they have Marple that i thought it was their parents but it wasnt. lol.


What i love from this route is how Yoshitsune develop. I dont know if you’re realizing it or not, Yoshitsune is pretty much being embedded as the ‘Yoshitsune’ that she is being cloned for. So, she is always trying to be ‘old’ Yoshitsune (Minamoto Yoshitsune) as she can be, like there is a scenes with Yamato that proving she is pretty much cant decide her own likes and cant take the answer for herself.

Yamato : In present now, did you like apple or pineapple?

Yoshitsune : Apple!

Yamato : But If your ‘old’ Yoshitsune like Pineapple then, what do you like  between Apple or Pineapple now?

Yoshitsune : ….Pineapple.

Seeing this, Yamato is trying to persuade Yoshitsune to become more ‘herself’ and not trying to be another person. since he knows, if she is still like this then in the future, it can lead them to trouble. Yoshitsune then accepted it and try to become more independent by part-time working and living by herself for a few weeks. and she grows to be more independent.


Oh yeah, did i have tell you that in Yoshitsune route is have 3 endings? which is Yoshitsune ending, Yoshitsunr & Benkei  ending (Yeah, you CAN CONQUER those two) and Aki ending. Yoshitsune & Benkei ending is pretty sweet and lovable.

For Aki, well what can i say. Despite her calm and cool personality,  this girl lewdness (yes, she is lewd) is maybe on par with Miyako.  She is actively seducing Yamato in many ways though not as extreme as Miyako. Her route is kinda short so it was kinda disappointed but her story is quite sweet and lewd. lol.


Yoshitsune in animated!

Oh did i mention that in this route they are also animated the battle? (yes, its been animated). Its EPIC!

In conclusion, Yoshitsune route is great and sweet. I feel like this story is answering all the question regarding to the clones problem like whats their childhood like or more importantly, who is Mr. M that have been mentioned several times in the series before. So yeah, i was satisfied . Cant wait to play the next route which i am gonna take Takae route! XD

Here is some CGs in this route that you can enjoyed 😉




All pictures is credited to Minatosoft
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  1. I’m having trouble to get in the end of the route of Yoshitsune DX

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