Review and Impression on Majikoi A-5 | Takae Route


Takae smiling!!!

Well, here we go again! So, as you know i just finished Yoshitsune route just a while ago and at that time i was kinda hesitant about which route that i should play next. So, i was just randomly pick Takae instead of Margit since i am not a really fan of Takae. But god damn man, i was wrong. Takae is seriously the best. I might be say her route is one of the best in majikoi A series.

In this route, the story is pretty much about Takae (obviously you baka) who always experienced bad luck and how she will exceed it. To be honest, its pretty pitiful to see Takae in the first since she always get bad luck at anytime, anywhere and rarely experience a good thing. Good things, our saviour Yamato is helping her so she can enjoyed her life without any bad lucks. Hopefully.

*Spoiler alert


Takae meet Student Council President in the middle of desert

The story begans in the middle of desert. As Takae, Sheila, Dominiguez (Kuki butler) and Yamato are stranded. The plane that carrying them are fallin due to the sand storm. But Takae insisted that this happen because of her bad luck though they are saying its not her fault. Then the story back to 2 months ago before they stranded in the middle of desert , as Yamato first meet with Takae which pretty funny for me. lol.


Takae is sick

So, why i said this route might be one of the best? Well, i am pretty much enjoyed this route, maybe its not like Yoshitsune route which have an epic battle or animation but there is a warm feeling between Yamato and Takae. As the first, Takae is pretty much closed and always avoiding people including Yamato since she felt that if people are near her, they will being struck by her bad luck too. Even though everyday Yamato is being expelled by Takae, he is still come and want to help her. Slow but surely, Takae is much more open and start to accept Yamato. Pretty sweet, right?



Not only the story, what makes this route more better is Takae itself. She is gorgeus! As you can see the picture above, she change her hairstle and clothes which i think is really god damn good. Good job minatosoft, for making me in love again with 2D girls.

Well, the story is not always about icha-icha,  there are also some battle scenes that will decide how Takae will exceed the bad luck and her pride as the former four kings as she is pretty much negative about everything since bad luck is always coming after her.


Yamato taking a nap on Takae’s thigh. 

There is not much complaint that i can said in this route, though i felt the story is not really completed yet since there is a scene when she is invited Momoyo (yes, that chuck norris girl version) to duel with her. But after that, it was like nothing happened. However, i dont really mind it since they still paid off with so many cute and lovely moments between Yamato and Takae.


At last, i can say that  i am in love with Takae after playing this route. Good story, great heroines, so many icha-icha moments. I think its worth to wait 1 years++ for this series. and so, the last i will play Margit route.

Enjoy some CGs from this route!



All pictures are credited to Minatosoft



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3 thoughts on “Review and Impression on Majikoi A-5 | Takae Route

  1. Thanks for the review!


  2. Z

    can you make a walkthrough for the right choice in this route . i understand what they say but i can’t read jp i tries to learn but i still can’t read and by the way i’m not from US or any big city i from MALYSIA . so if you can make eng patch for the game i like to buy and please answer immediately .


    • Walkthrough? sadly i dont have any motivate to do that (i am so freaking lazzy). Sorry. But i can provide u a link where u can get the walkthrough tho.


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