Review and Impression Majikoi A-5 | Margit Route


Here we go! the last route in Majikoi A-5, Margit Eberbach. You know, sometimes i just feel this girl is always been misunderstood by many people. So many people thought she was scary  and unlikeable. Well… its understandable if you just look at her appearance but god damn, in this route she is just become adorable and badass at the same time!

The story in Margit route is focussing on Margit and her hound army. Yamato in this case want to be the part of hound army since he felt that he needs to be more proper to become Margit’s boyfriend.


Margit and Fine in their hound  army’s uniform. Looks so great!

In this story you will see another side of Margit especially when she is on mission and become a commander with her hound army. To be honest, i am quite liking on her ‘new’ uniform instead the one she always wears in Japan. It feels like to be more appropriate and gives some ‘commander’ aura. She just so gorgeous on that uniform. Dayum.


From left to right : Siegrun, Kojima, Margit, Liza and Fine. Also the one in the back : Thelma

As i said before, in this route you’re not only focussing on Margit but also her hound army. If you look at the picture above there are 5 more characters besides Margit, which is Siegrun, Kojima, Liza, Fine and Thelma. They are ROMANCEABLE since in margit route you can pick whether want to stick on Margit or you can choose Harem routes which basically Margit + Hound army. Sounds delicious, eh?


Ok back to the story wise, Yamato in this story is being tested by hound army if he was really suit with Margit or no and each characters have their own ‘test’ to Yamato like Liza in picture above, well you can guess what happen next. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Lets dance!

As like the previous in Majikoi S, Margit story is still full of H scenes instead of the story. So if you’re looking for the story, you will find Margit route is kinda boring but if you’re looking for fun and pleasure, this route is one of best things. Honestly, i love this route since we’re provided with many new characters (Hound Army) and they’re all interesting in many ways.


Siegrun with Kimono

What makes me love more about this route is they also provided each girls in Hound Army the backstory when they joined Hound Army so at least we know a little bit about the characters even though it was kinda short. But hey at least they got their own H scenes!

So yeah, i really like this Margit route and for me, this is the best route in Majikoi A-5. Its kinda biased when i say the best route about Majikoi since i love all the routes but this Margit route is really entertaining to see and i am just gonna say that i am really glad i spend 5+ hours just to play this route.

N.B : Its kinda sad to know Majikoi A series is ended…….ITS MAYBE NOT! The staff said they are gonna make this series ‘more’ longer which i dont know, maybe they will make sequel or another fan disk like majikoi A series. well, i dont mind. Anything is fine. AS LONG AS ITS MAJIKOI!

Here is some CG that you can enjoyed in this route :



All pictures in this article credited to Minatosoft

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2 thoughts on “Review and Impression Majikoi A-5 | Margit Route

  1. Z

    they already start if i’m not mistake they make A Plus disc and it contain 3 new route i already have the game it a bit letdown because i can’t read JP.


    • No, there isnt any new route in that disc. It only contains majikoi A1 to A5 and there is no additional contents. Tbh there is still not any news about new majikoi game so we can assume Majikoi A5 is the last installment of majikoi series. :((((


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