I Miss Majikoi (18++)

majikoi s 1

As you know, Majikoi A-5 its the last installment of majikoi or we can say the last majikoi series. To be honest, it still doesnt feel real to me to know that majikoi has already ended. I looks fine but in the end, there is some deep sadness that wringling around in my heart.


Why? Why does it need to be ended?

Why this masterpiece has already meet the end?

I even have a plan to go to Japan just for finding the souvenir of Majikoi and also visiting the company (Minatosoft). I know there is always an end to everything but…..





This game has change my life, When i found Majikoi i know this game will be something important to my life. I was depressed at that time because the amount of works and pressure from my social life. Then, this game comes and makes me keep moving on and here i am now. There is nothing that can replace Majikoi.







Btw if you dont know this game, Majikoi is 18++ game which is pretty much contains nudity and sexual activities but hey, dont judge by the content (though for some reason i like majikoi because of of it). This game is so interesting especially about the MC or we can say NAOE F*CKING YAMATO. you can said he is the perfect role model of MC and boyfriend maybe? He can be anything, you are a maschocist? well, he is sadistic!… oh wait, you’re sadistic? dont worry he is actually a maschocist too. How convenience!

And talking about the heroines, WELL this is the fun part of it. Majikoi known as for the variety heroines that you can get. Minatosoft (the developer of Majikoi) was like “You like that girl? well, you can get her!” “Oh you like that girl which have only a few screentime? Here’s a sex scene for her!”. So yeah, you can GET ALL the girls that appears in this game except Haguro. Haguro is bad for your health.

Btw here is my favorite waifu from Majikoi, lol :


2. Takae


3. Matsunaga Tsubame


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3 thoughts on “I Miss Majikoi (18++)

  1. Gabriel Andrade

    I miss majikoi too man, I sure hope to god that it isnt over just now. Btw my favorite waifu from the game is Benkei.

    PS. Are you planing on doing reviews for the extra routes of the A Plus Disk?


    • Yeah, but sadly its really over man. I just cant accept that reality.
      Oh dude, you pick a great waifu! Benkei is the epitome of what a perfect GF should be. lol
      For another reviews, well lets just see… i have a plan for reviewing majikoi A-4 since i like Rin Chu lol. Btw whats majikoi series that u have already playing btw?


      • Gabriel Andrade

        I played the first one, S, A1 and A2, because, sadly, A3 and forward have not yet being translated and I dont know japanese. But I did play Yoshitsune route anyway because I really like her, not disappointed.


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