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Review and Impression on Majikoi A-5 | Takae Route


Takae smiling!!!

Well, here we go again! So, as you know i just finished Yoshitsune route just a while ago and at that time i was kinda hesitant about which route that i should play next. So, i was just randomly pick Takae instead of Margit since i am not a really fan of Takae. But god damn man, i was wrong. Takae is seriously the best. I might be say her route is one of the best in majikoi A series.

In this route, the story is pretty much about Takae (obviously you baka) who always experienced bad luck and how she will exceed it. To be honest, its pretty pitiful to see Takae in the first since she always get bad luck at anytime, anywhere and rarely experience a good thing. Good things, our saviour Yamato is helping her so she can enjoyed her life without any bad lucks. Hopefully.

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Cafetaria Nipponica (Full Version)


Bosan? dan butuh permainan yang menghibur serta menghabiskan waktu? coba game ini yaitu game dari kairosoft “Cafetaria Nipponica”! salah satu keluaran baru dari kairosoft. game ini sangat mudah, intinya anda harus membuat sebuah restoran yang bagus, namun yang membuat game ini semakin asik di mainkan adalah kreatifitas kita dalam menciptakan sebuah masakan yang enak serta merekrut orang – orang sebagai juru chef atau pelayan. berikut fitur yang diberikan di ambil dari :

Find ingredients, make menus, and run your own restaurant in this sizzling sim!

–Kairo News: “Pocket Academy” released–
Don your chef’s hat and hit the kitchen! You’re the chef de cuisine in this scrumptious simulation that’ll have you coming back for seconds… and more! Run your own restaurant, find ingredients, research recipes and spice up your culinary repertoire! Only you can bring your establishment sweet success!

Decide every detail of the floor from tables to TVs and do whatever it takes to make your customers happy! After all, their ratings determine whether you’re chef…or sap. Score enough points and you’ll be able to host a variety of fun events from eating contests to cooking classes, further boosting your popularity!

But of course, what’s a cook without a crew? Recruit eager faces to build your own five-star team. Play your cards right and you might find yourself running multiple restaurants at once!

The sky’s the limit in this sizzling new take on restaurant management, incorporating a uniquely Japanese spread that will train your brain and tantalize your taste buds!

berikut penilaian pribadi tentang game ini :

Gameplay : 10/10

Grafik        : 9/10

Story         : 9/10

waduh udah gak sabar mainkan? berikut link untuk downloadnya :

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